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All my Videos are © Nintendo i do not own any of their characters Etc.

How Shadowyoshi started:
Me and my friend wanted to make a youtube channel a long time, And after we created an E-mail adress, we made our youtube account! First, all we uploaded was bloopers, but then i found out a special style of making videos: Machinima. I saw some machinima video's and downloaded sony vegas! Thats how i started to make machinima, nothing special XD

Personal information:
Christiaan: Hey, here is Christiaan. I like to watch videos. But I don't make then, I look how Marijn makes them. Sometimes, i give some tips to Marijn for his videos. im looking good 8D I am 14 years old. sorry for our bad grammer, my friend and me are dutch XD Enjoy being on our website!

Marijn: Heya, its marijn! I make all the videos. Actually, im the guy to who always chat with all my friends on youtube ;) I like funny jokes, making videos And playing on my guitar. I am someone who can act really weird, but i can be very nice to! I am 14 years old to. And sorry again for our bad grammar. Please watch our videos :D

Credits: Programs i use: Sony Vegas pro 10, Fraps, Project 64 1.6, Paint (sometimes), Roblox, Game maker pro 8 (for sprites)

Inspiration: Fleskhjerta, MarioMario54321, Megamen765, Juvortus, Chancer4Ever

Special thanks: Nintendo, Roblox, Minecraft, All my friends, fans and subscribers! :D 

Welcome video: Here is a welcome video, for everyone who is new here. Please watch it :D Music: Rockman Axess opening :D